Cell type Pleater

  • Equipment to produce the filters that need large filtration area and flow rate.
  • Do not use glue, pleating the filter material, mainly aluminum Separator.
Spec. model DWCF-W1000S
Production capacity 25 meter/Min/Max
Available Width 950mm
Available Height 80 ~ 300 mm
Main Drive Motor 0.75kW*3P*2 :1* Feeding Motor (Geared Motor)
AC Servo Motor 1.2KW*3P*Servo Motor
Electric Power 220V * 60(50)HZ * 3P(4P)
  • 1. Servo system Roller : Don't need to change roller
  • 2. “3 Inch” Air Expansion Shaft.
  • 3. Manual Insert of Aluminum Foil Separator.
  • 4. Automatic height adjustment.
  • 5. Media Tension Control : Powder Brake System.
  • 6. Available media : HEPA, ULPA and Medium
  • 7. Rubber exchange way Rubber exchange is very easy, the precise re-set up is not necessary
  • 8. Need one people to Work.
  • 9. Safety Guard System of Cover & Door

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  • Cell pleater 2012 Vertical type 257mm
  • Cell pleater 2017 Vertical type

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