• This is a equipment that producing a Separator. The Separator used for air conditioning filter.
  • The stirred wrinkles is made by aluminum strip is released continuous.
    Air cylinder shearing each regular length, and extract the product that moves conveyor belt by Pusher.
Spec. model DBWC-W300
Production capacity 30m/Max.
Available Width 300mm /Max.
Available Height 3,5,8mm (Roller exchange system)
Use the media Aluminum & Paper
Main Drive Motor 0.75kW (1HP) * 3P
Electric Power 220V * 60(50)HZ * 3P(4P)
  • 1. Un-winder Control : Fiber Senso
  • 2. Media Tension Control : Powder Brake System
  • 3. Production Speed Control : Inverter
  • 4. Installed the load cell.
  • 5. Automatic pusher.
  • 6. Installed a forming roller in the both sides of the end.
  • 7. A Star Type Roller treated of Cr or Teflon Coating, in order to minimize tearing of the material.
  • 8. Automatic cutting processing.

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