Reciprocate Pleater

  • Multi-purpose equipment enables filter media pleating used in all industries such as water purifier for hoes, wastewater treatment for industries, ultra-pure water manufacturing and foods.
  • Easy pleating production up to 10 layers of pleating, even if the characteristics of filters are different.
  • Choose the type A or type B, according to the height & speed of production.
Mechanical Controlled Knife Pleating Machine
Servo Knife Pleating Machine
Spec. model DBWK - W700/700N DBWK - W1000/1000N DBWK - W1300/1300N
Production Capacity A Type : Max. 100Pleat/min

B Type : Max. 120Pleat/min
A Type : Max. 100Pleat/min

B Type : Max. 120Pleat/min
A Type : Max. 100Pleat/min

B Type : Max. 120Pleat/min
Available Width 650mm 950mm 1250mm
Available Height A Type : 7mm~100mm

B Type : 7mm~60mm
A Type : 7mm~100mm

B Type : 7mm~60mm
A Type : 7mm~100mm

B Type : 7mm~60mm
Main drive motor 3.75KW * 3P * 20:1/15:1 3.75KW * 3P * 20:1/10:1 3.75KW * 3P * 20:1/15:1
Electric Power 80/220V*60(50)Hz*3P 380/220V*60(50)Hz*3P 380/220V*60(50)Hz*3P
  • 1. That applies to all industries and in almost filter can be pleat equipment.

    Due to pleating by four cams, it can pleat normal filter, several layers filter, AL, Steel Mesh.

    Use for Media : Paper, Mesh, Non Woven Cloth, Electronic Media, Synthetic Media, PTFE Media
  • 2. Minimize the friction by Teflon Coating
  • 3. The post heating intervals is 500mm. It has been increased the time and space. So it has been improved the quality of production.

    Input Heater System of Heating Length: 250mm. Outlet Heater System of Heating Length: 500mm.
  • 4. Automatic setting function for pleating height.
  • 5. Can pleating W-TYPE. (Special Feature)
  • 6. ION BLOWER installation (Minimize the static buildup between a reciprocate pleater and the material.)
  • 7. Safety Guard system of Door and Cover
  • 8. Touch Screen Controller
  • 9. Production Speed Control : Inverter
  • 10. Heater System : When the temperature goes up or down above ±2 degrees than the set temperature, the power is cut off.
  • 11. Marking system : On the top of the outlet part.
  • 12. Individual use is also available.
  • 13. Blade Stop : It was designed to stop when the lower blade reaches to the rising point.
  • 1.Media Change : Lift system
  • 2.Media holding : 3 inch Air Expansion Shaft
  • 3.Media Tension Control : Powder Brake system
  • 4.Media feeding speed control : Inverter
  • 5.Fiber Sensor
  • 6.The upper feed roller: Rubber coating
  • 7.Cutter : 4 sets
  • 8.Slit Cutter : Air cylinder type.
  • 9.Electric Power : 380V/220V * 60HZ *3P
  • 10.Motor drive capacity : 0.40kW
  • 11.Use the media:

    * Width - 650, 950, 1250, 1550mm

    * Out Diameter - 1000mm / Max.

    * Weight – 150kg / Max.

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