Reciprocate Pleater

Multi Layers reciprocate pleater

  • Equipment for pleat several layers media simultaneously, it needs production to sewage treatment filter.
  • First pleating, second cutting process.
Spec. model DBSK-W1000 * 5 layers
Production Capacity Max. 120pleats/Min
Maximum Width of Media 1,000mm
Working Pleat Height 5~60mm
Main drive motor 3KW x 4
Electric Power 220V(380V)x3Px60Hz
Unwinding System, Servo Reciprocate Pleating Machine
Unwinding System Servo Reciprocate Pleating Machine
  • 1. Unwinding system with dancing roller.
  • 2. Laser alignment sensor & Media consuming detection sensor.
  • 3. 3” Air Shaft
  • 4. Maximum outter diameter of media: 770mm
  • 5. Normal & Reverse rotation of Air Shaft
  • 6. Rotating speed of Air Shaft connected to pleating speed.
  • 1.Servo Driving System & Link Mechanism
  • 2.Saving Pleating Condition Data
  • 3.Various Tilting Condition.
  • 4.Cameras attached before & after pleating
  • 5.Working Media: Paper, Non woven cloth, Synthetic Media (PTFE, PP, PE and more)
  • 6.Length of Pre Heating System: 250mm
  • 7.Length of Post Heating System: 500mm
  • 8.Teflon coated pleating blade & heating plate
  • 9.Automatic Control System to adjust pleat height
  • 10.Safety guard system for cover & door

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