Auto Framing Machine

  • Used for Indoor air purifier or filter cleaners manufacturing technology. All four sides of Filtration packs paste the paper frame at the same time.
  • Using the convergence of technologies such as Cartesian robots and air actuator (Actuator) and software for control them.
Spec. model  
Production Capacity 50sec/cycle
Hot-melt 20kg/hr * 2 sets
Robot Arm 2-Articular, 5-Bender (Twin Robot Arm
X-Y Axis System X-Axis : 200mm/sec Max. | Y-Axis : 300mm/sec Max.
Production size 227L x 363W x 25H
  • 1. Using servo motor & driver, in order to control for precise dispensing location of hot melt.
  • 2. Precision controlled according to the size of the product : Servo Motor & Driver.
  • 3. Hot Melt Applicator for dispensing.
  • 4. Fast , accurate Air Actuator & Vacuum Ejector
  • 5. Using the software and touch screen, in order to make it easier to work.
  • 6. Software for Safety Interlock, Safety Guard, Sensor, Switch.

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