Filter Assembly Machine

  • Frame filter assembly machine for Industrial Engineering.
  • In order to eliminate the inaccuracies problem of position control in the weight type of existing machine and in order to solve inconvenience of setting up according to the size of the products, it has been designed to rise and fall movement through the brake geared motor and timing belt..
Spec. model  
Electric Power 220/380V x 3P x 50/60Hz
Input Power 1.5 ㎾
Available Width 1500mm Max
Available Height 1500mm Max
  • 1) Move up and down: LM Guide and the timing belt
  • 2) Move left and right : LM Guide and the square screw, fine adjustment volumetric Screw Unit.
  • 3) Product Clamp: Air Cylinder
  • 4) Product change size(H) : electric Screw Jack apply.
  • 5) Equipment frame: AL (80 x 80)
  • 6) The equipment before and after is composed by 1unit of the same system .

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  • Filter assemble machine 2011

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