Hot-melt Dispenser

  • This equipment is a machine for gluing hot melt on the inner and outer side of large air filter.
  • Cone type filter also can be applied, as well as to applied to each the Inner side & outer side of round type filter.
Spec. model DBWD-W1000
Electric Power 380V / 220V x 60(50)Hz x 3P(4P)
Air Pressure 6kgf/cm2 (85PSI)
Power Moller 220V X 3P X 60Hz X 15W X 2 Sets
Available media Width 800mm Max
Available media Dia. 500mm Max.
Available media Inner Dia. 100mm Min.
  • 1. “Special gun" was installed for gluing up to 100mm the inner diameter of the filter.
  • 2. “Power Moller” is installed .
    1) No need belt or chain for tension adjustment..
    2) It does not require re-adjustment of the belt tension according to the diameter of the product.

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  • Hot melt dispenser 2013

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