Tube Rolling Machine

  • This equipment is a machine for Rolling of metal core for large air filter inner an outer side.
  • This equipment differs from the General Rolling Machine. It is designed to be suitable for rolling steel which processed with Metal Lathing or Punching.
Spec. model DBTR-W750
Electric Power 380V / 220V x 60(50)Hz x 3P(4P)
Power Motor 460V x 3P X 60Hz x 0.4KW
Available media Width 750mm Max
Available media Dia. 40~ 100mm Max. / 100~500mm Max.
  • 1. Unlike existing machine, adjust the diameter by one handle.
  • 2. A wide range of rolling (Ø40 ~ 500mm)

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  • Tube Rolling Machine W750 2013

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