Glue Binder

  • Equipment that automatically adheres frame band using hot melt in both sides of the pleated filter for automobile cabin filter production.
  • Composed of manual and automatic mechanism according to the size of filters and production volume methods; fit for small-quality and batch-production as it dramatically reduces setup time..
  • Manually input filter pack. The finished products vertilation is automatically through the robot system..
  • The head is attached, in order to adjust hot melt spraying interval, according to the pleating height of production.
Spec. model DBWC - W300
Production capacity Max. 2~4 pcs/min
Available Width 80~300mm
Available Height 100~450mm
Electric power 380/220V*60(50)Hz*3P
  • 1. Application filter: Square / Angle
  • 2. Bands feeding : AC servo system
  • 3. Index Drive Type: Rotary cam
  • 4. Quantity: 2 sets of automatic melting
  • 5. Melting Gun type : Coating head type
  • 6. Melting width adjustment: 18~48mm/Max.

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